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With the UK’s marine assets valued at £211bn, our solutions aim to preserve these assets and support the sustainable growth of this industry.


Protecting our seabed & your subsea assets indefinitely. Click on our products to learn more.

Improving the well-being of our oceans now and for future generations.

With the UK a leader in offshore energy, the scope for marine services and impact on marine ecosystems is bringing humans and nature into closer contact. Managing our growing need for renewable energy with our responsibility for our marine environment, mean our award-winning eco-designs are ideally suited to sub-sea infrastructure.

The European Commission estimates between 240 and 450 GW of offshore wind power is needed by 2050 to keep temperature rises below 1.5°C

Europa, 2020

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“The idea of a carbon-neutral Reef Cube® that can be used to help rehabilitate reef ecosystems is exciting – we really need to do everything we can to give coral reefs a break”

Dr Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer upon congratulating ARC Marine as an Ocean Impact Finalist, 2020.

Via scientific research, we are constantly evolving our products and materials to support clean technologies, renewable energy and circularity and thus our management of ocean ecosystems. In this manner, our R&D allows us to develop products that improve subsea safety and infrastructure, whilst minimising the environmental footprint of human marine activity.

man-made solutions to man-made problems

With the effects of climate change leading to more extreme weather, rising sea levels and increased water temperatures, the necessity for marine projects to incorporate nature-inclusive design should be at the heart of the planning process, helping to combat the problems of climate change and protect man-made infrastructure, on a global scale.

As a marine ecologist who works in both natural and artificial coastal environments, it has been incredibly exciting to work with such an innovative company

Dr Louise Firth from the University Of Plymouth

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