Working with some of the best scientists, preeminent oceanographers and foremost industry leaders, our research includes some world firsts, as well as supporting analysis to assist with our continuing innovations across marine infrastructure. For more information on our research, please get in touch via the below.

Jun 28, 2021

Native Oyster Attachment Research

ARC have been making steps forward in oyster restoration recently. We found out that we can stick oysters to Reef Cubes, with no significant effect on their survival. The results come from a short study completed with the Marine Biological Association (MBA), in...


May 6, 2021


Reef Cubes® Improved drag performance verification using CFD   In fluid dynamics, the drag coefficient is a dimensionless quantity that is used to quantify the drag or resistance of an object in a fluid environment, such as air or water. It is used in the drag...


Sep 6, 2020

Waterproof Testing

ARC developed a successful combination of Reef Cubes alongside our Dutch partners, to produce a stable and recoverable habitat enhancement structure. During the summer of 2020 hydrodynamic tests were undertaken at Waterproof Marine Consultancy and Services BV., in...


Mar 4, 2019


High-quality imaging shows how kelps (transplanted adult holdfasts and laboratory juvenile growth) were adhering to the concrete surfaces of Reef Cubes. FIB milled cross-sections and high-resolution imaging revealed the structural arrangement between the kelp and...


COAST lab Plymouth ARC Marine Testing

Feb 26, 2019

COAST Lab Testing

Recently, ARC Marine have had the opportunity to carry out scaled down testing at the University of Plymouth Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport (COAST) Laboratory, under the Marine-I project, which is European Regional Development Funding (ERDF). Back in May...