New Feature in Concrete Quarterly 2020 – “Giant Dice”

October 14, 2020

Concrete Quarterly acknowledge Reef Cubes as Giant Dice in restoring the Oceans

Saving the environment and our earth has never been more prominent than now. Even David Attenborough is begging everyone on our planet now more than ever to start thinking and making changes, in order to preserve our precious wildlife and sealife.

At ARC Marine, it’s our passion for the oceans that has always been the key driving factor pushing us to do more and get results faster. That’s why it was awesome to see Concrete Quarterly feature us and acknowledge all our hard work.

Concrete Quarterly Autumn Winter 2020 ARC Marine


What is a Reef Cube?

A revolutionary concreate-based cube created by Arc Marine to help to restore the damaged ocean floor from dredging, oil rigs and turbines. Often referred to as “Water Lego” or “Giant Dice” from their appearance and ability to connect to one another.

How do Reef Cubes help to restore the ocean?

They help by reviving reef life by recreating a natural ocean environment using modular flexible blocks that can be placed in several formations to accommodate a vast array of use cases.